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Assiniboine Dictionary

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Assiniboine pos English
cudíyoȟpeya VT

1. be across the shoulder at an oblique angle across the body; hanging over one's shoulder at an oblique angle across the front and back of the body; a bandoleer

examples, etc.
ȟątką́hu įyúskije N

1. an arm band

examples, etc.
cąȟtáda N

1. an Assiniboine band living near Battleford, Sask

examples, etc.
wadópana N

1. the Assiniboine band that settled on the Fort Peck Reservation, called canoe paddlers, Canoe band; Paddlers, band of Assiniboines living around Wolf Point, MT

examples, etc.
wadópaȟna tųwą N

1. an Assiniboine band that settled the Fort Belknap Reservation

examples, etc.
ceškámaza [ceškámàza] N

1. a band councilor

examples, etc.
wakpá tųwą́bi N

1. a band of Assiniboines

examples, etc.
oyáde owáʾukma tíbi N

1. a band office

examples, etc.
tanį́debina N

1. Buffalo Hip People, a band of Assiniboines

examples, etc.
cą́ǧuǧu oyáde [cąǧúǧu oyàde] N

1. Burnt Marks on the Gunstock People, a subband of the n psa band

examples, etc.
céǧa kʾína oyáde N

1. the Carry The Kettle band of people

examples, etc.
hųgá N

1. chief of a band

examples, etc.
cekpá įyúskije N

1. child's swaddling band, used when a baby has a swollen or infected navel

examples, etc.
šahíya iyéskabina N

1. Cree Talkers, an Assiniboine band living with Chief Piapot's people

examples, etc.
šųkcébina N

1. Dog Penis People, band of Assiniboines

examples, etc.
wį́yuskije N

1. an elastic band put over a joint, as an ankle or knee; an ace bandage

examples, etc.
yuzíkzijabina N

1. elastic; a rubber band

examples, etc.
tiʾóšpaye N

1. an extended family, band of relatives; a camp of related people; a band of people who live in a camp or village (GS)

examples, etc.
nasákya VT

1. to flick against; to snap something elastic, as a rubber band or elastic

examples, etc.
įȟpékiya VT

2. to forsake, abandon, throw away (?)

examples, etc.
waʾų́šigiya VT

1. to forsake, as when a person's family abandons him

examples, etc.
ogáʾįǧežu N

1. a gathering of people or bands; a gathering or bunching up of animals

examples, etc.
hįknátų VT

1. to have as a husband

examples, etc.
hįkną́gu N

1. her husband

examples, etc.
hų́kpapa N

1. Hunkpapa band of the Teton Sioux

examples, etc.
cejá įyúskije N

1. a leg band; a leg garter

examples, etc.
šųgípewohąsaba N

1. a light sorrel or darker than buckskin, with a black band running from its head down its back to its tail, with a black mane and tail

examples, etc.
įšná ųbísʾa N

1. Lone Campers, Those Who Stay Alone, an Assiniboine band

examples, etc.
įyúwi N

1. metal band or hoop holding the staves of a barrel together

examples, etc.
wazíyam wįcášta N

1. Northern People, Assiniboine band living in the Battleford, Sask. area, on Mosquito Reserve

examples, etc.
osníbina N

1. Northern People, Cold People, a band of Assiniboines

examples, etc.
otúweda [otúwedA] N

1. an old campsite; and abandoned camp; an abandoned dwelling

examples, etc.
yuȟpú VI-Y

1. to pull off something sticking to something else, as a bandage or scab

examples, etc.
húdešana N

1. Red Bottom People, band of Assiniboines

examples, etc.
yuzíja VT-Y

1. to stretch with the hands by pulling, as a rubber band, or as a hide when tanning; stretch out

examples, etc.
knuȟpú VT

1. to tear or peel off oneself, as a scab or bandage

examples, etc.
oyáde [oyáde] N

1. tribe, nation; people; a large band of people

examples, etc.
cą́ȟe wįcášta N

1. Wood Mountain People, band of Assiniboines

examples, etc.
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