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Arikara Traditional Narratives



  • Ancient Times
    1. Story   Arikara   How Summer Came to the North Country
    2. Story   Arikara   The Holy Boy Who Stopped Animals from Killing Humans
    3. Story   Arikara   The Race Between the Horse and the Buffalo
    4. Story   Arikara   Long Teeth and Drinks Brain Soup
    5. Story   Arikara   Bloody Hands and the Star Boy
    6. Story   Arikara   Bounding Head and the Four Young Women
    7. Story   Arikara   The Young Woman Who Swallowed a Stone
    8. Story   Arikara   The Man with the Sharpened Leg
    9. Story   Arikara   The Young Woman Who Married the Moon
    10. Story   Arikara   The Young Woman Who Became a Bear
    11. Story   Arikara   Corn Woman and Buffalo Woman
    12. Story   Arikara   The Boy and the Hoop Game of the Buffalo
  • Power Bestowed
    1. Story   Arikara   When the Bears Attacked the Arikaras
    2. Story   Arikara   The Foolish Ones Who Killed the Beloved Snake Child
    3. Story   Arikara   Hidden Man and the Two Holy Men
    4. Story   Arikara   Baby Chief and the Two Holy Men
    5. Story   Arikara   The Young Man Pitied by the Spotted Buffalos
    6. Story   Arikara   Red Dog and the Four Stars
    7. Story   Arikara   The Young Man Who Became a Snake and Carries the Antelope
    8. Story   Arikara   Mice Mouth, the Boy Blessed by the Mice
    9. Story   Arikara   The Young Woman Who Married an Elk
    10. Story   Arikara   The Young Man Who Was Given Elk Power
    11. Story   Arikara   The Young Man with the Feathered Staff
    12. Story   Arikara   The Man and His Bear Child
    13. Story   Arikara   The Young Men and the Snapping Turtle
    14. Story   Arikara   The Young Woman Who Married a Horse
    15. Story   Arikara   The Boy Given Power by the Bighorn Sheep
    16. Story   Arikara   Young Hawk and the Power He Lost
    17. Story   Arikara   The Origin of the Arikara Crazy Dog Society
    18. Story   Arikara   The Origin of the Hidatsa Crazy Dog Society
    19. Story   Arikara   The Origin of the Round Dance
    20. Story   Arikara   The Origin of the Pawnee and Other Grass Dance Songs
    21. Story   Arikara   The Pawnee Woman and the Scalped Man
    22. Story   Arikara   The Young Man with the Broken Leg and the Scalped Man
    23. Story   Arikara   The Seven Scalped Men and the Hunter
    24. Story   Arikara   Wakes Up The Hills and Red Shield, the Scalped Man
  • Mysterious Incidents
    1. Story   Arikara   The Origin of the Virgin's Breasts Buttes
    2. Story   Arikara   The Priest Who Turned into a Stone
    3. Story   Arikara   The Fight between the Bear and the Bullao Bull
    4. Story   Arikara   The Elk Doctor Who Called the Elk
    5. Story   Arikara   The Young Man Who Did Not Believe in Ghosts
    6. Story   Arikara   The Dancing Ghost
    7. Story   Arikara   The Mysterious Snake Seen by Short Bear
    8. Story   Arikara   The Eagle Trappers and the Scalped man



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