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kataʾat VI

go on a hunt, go hunting, as a communal hunt, a ref. to an extended hunt when going up onto the western prairies from the Pawnee earth lodge villages located in the riverine valleys

kata+at go against a vertical surface
Paradigmatic Forms:
tatkátaʾat I'm climbing it; I went up (the hills, stairs)
tikátaʾat he went up, climbed up it
tikátawuʾ he's going up, climbing it
wítatkatàhuhta I'm going to go hunting (on a long hunting trip)
tíraahkatàhuhta they're going to go up (an incline); they're going to go on a hunt
hirú súkskataʾat go up! climb it!
rákuraahkatahùhtarit when they are going to go on the hunt

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