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ickawiiraʾat VI

go upstream, go upriver

ickawiira+at go extended straight upward ?
Paradigmatic Forms:
taátickawiìraʾat I went west, went westward, went in a westerly direction
tiíckawiìraʾat he went upstream; he west westward
tiíckawiìrawuʾ they went west, in a westerly direction; they went upstream
tiraárickawiìraʾat they (a group) went west
tiraárickawiìrawuʾ they (different ones or groups) went west
taátickawiiràhuhta I'm going to go west
tiíckawiiràhuhta he's going to go westward; he's going to go upstream
ruúwitaarickawiìraʾat then he went west
ratkúckawiìraata for me to go upstream

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