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aahkáwiʾuʾ [a:hkə́wiuʾ] N

vertical bank, as of a stream or river; precipice, cliff; washout

aahka-wi-uʾ ?
Grammatical Forms:
aahkáwikat loc.:
iriíra’aahkawitiihat where the base of the bank (cliff, precipice) is; at the foot of the cliff, precipice
tíʾaahkawitawìhaakuʾ the bank, side of the bank or hillside is eroding, caving in, washing away
taátawikàtaʾuukut aahkawíkat I hit the bank; I went against the bank
tíʾaahkawiʾuùhat there is a bank (extending) (ti-aahkawi-uuhak-0)

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