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Dakota Dictionary

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Dakota pos English
Bdethą́ka N

1. 'Big Lake'--7 miles south of Cannon Ball in the river bottom

examples, etc.
khowákata ADV

1. across the river, stream

examples, etc.
opháya ADV

1. along a ravine, draw, hollow; along a river; along a valley

examples, etc.
icágda ADV

2. alongside, as a road, river

examples, etc.
Į́yawakáǧapi wakpá N

1. Cannon Ball River

examples, etc.
Į́yąwakaǧapi wakpá N

1. Cannonball River

examples, etc.
Mnikhóžu oyáte N

2. Cheyenne River people

examples, etc.
šahíyenawožu okášpe N

1. Cheyenne River Reservation

examples, etc.
ókhižupi N

1. a confluence where two or more streams join a larger river

examples, etc.
mína kašʾį́ N

1. a curved butcher knife, Green River knife

examples, etc.
Chąté Wakpá N

1. Heart River

examples, etc.
Maǧá wakpá N

1. Laramie River (lit. 'goose creek')

examples, etc.
yuʾóxdaʾį VT

1. to loosen with an istrument, as a screwdriver or pliers

examples, etc.
mniʾíthąchą N

1. main channel of a river or stream

examples, etc.
Mníšošethąka N

1. Mississippi River

examples, etc.
mníšoše N

1. Missouri River

examples, etc.
Phąkéska wakpa N

1. Platte River

examples, etc.
wakpá N

1. river

examples, etc.
chąʾóšoka N

1. a thickly wooded area, as along a river

examples, etc.
Chekpá Pahá N

1. Twin Buttes, at the Cannon Ball River

examples, etc.
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