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-> Ella Deloria: Personal and Professional Papers

Ella Deloria: Personal and Professional Papers

  1. Material Received from Vine Deloria, Sr., Oct 19, 1979
  2. Pageant: "The Wohpe Festival"
  3. Pageant: "The Life-Story of a People"
  4. Lecture Notes: "Major Groupings of the Dakota Sioux Peoples"
  5. Lecture Notes: "Teton-Dakota. Seminar"
  6. Miscellaneous fragmentary lecture notes
  7. Program: American Society for Ethnohistory, 1967
  8. Midwest Indian Youth Leadership Seminar, 1963
  9. Correspondence regarding "personality prints" by Mary Sully
  10. "What Miss Deloria Knows about Dakota"
  11. Ella Deloria's Scrapbook
  12. Copy of Ella Deloria's Student Transcript, All Saints School, 1906-10
  13. Three Miscellaneous Letters to Ella Deloria
  14. Mobridge Tribune (5-8-1958) containing articles on Saint Elizabeth's School
  15. Letter to Vine Deloria Sr.
  16. Miscellaneous Scraps

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