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Dakota Ethnography: Box 3

  1. Santee Ethnographic Notes
  2. Sundance, The [fragment]
  3. Dakota Ethnographic Notes
  4. Additional Notes on the Teton-Dakota
  5. Origin Story of Peyote
  6. Societies are Predestined in the Animal World
  7. Origin of the Dakota Societies: A Legend
  8. Notes on Law
  9. Yankton and Teton Ethnographic Notes
  10. Interview Fragment: Anonymous woman
  11. Ethnology Notes
  12. Yankton Data, by Nigesan [Antelope]
  13. Interview with Standing Elk and Wife [fragments]
  14. Manuscript on the Buffalo Ceremony [fragment]
  15. Interview with Fast Whirlwind [fragments]
  16. Narrative regarding Henry Hodkiss and his son
  17. Interviews with Yanktons on Land, Place Names, etc.
  18. Miscellaneous personal name lists, English and Dakota
  19. Contents of Dakota Material

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